In addition to the assortment of Flat-Packed and Direct-Use IBC's, IBC Store also offers tailor-made solutions to meet even your most specific packaging requirements.
IBC Store can develop a customer-specific combination of liner, container and pallet completely tailored to your needs.

When is customization needed?

Different situations are conceivable when customization is the best solution for you
  • You want to keep using a current container from another supplier (Combo, Pallecon, Milford or Cardboard)
  • You require a specific type of liner.
  • You assemble your liner and container yourself at the moment, but want to outsource this because of lack of space, lack of staff, lack of time, planning difficulties or quality perspective.
  • You get your container delivered already assembled and as Direct-Use at the moment, but want to have them delivered Flat-Packed to receive advantages such as lower storage costs.
Customer-specific IBC solutions

Our extensive experience in the IBC industry enables us to offer a wide range of customized solutions. From a completely outsourcing of purchase, assembling and delivering a customer-specific 1000L packaging - to the storage of your own packaging with on-demand delivery only

IBC Store is fully operational for ultra-efficient assembly of IBCs. For companies, the outsourcing of assembly is therefore often more advantageous than assembly in-house

When you start a customization process at IBC Store, we extensively discuss your wishes regarding assembly, quality and delivery with you. We put together a solid and cost efficient custom-made solution of liner, IBC and required accessories.