1000L side-discharge corrugated cardboard IBC. Equipped with 2 inch or 3 inch butterfly valve outlet. Wooden CP9 pallet, foodgrade LDPE 2 layer inner bag(liner).

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This IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) can be delivered either Flat-Packed or as Direct Use

This IBC is a sustainable alternative to plastic or steel containers and it has all the advantages of a Bag in Box packaging. As:

  • No air inside the IBC, the liner (inner bag) contains no air;
    • No possibility of pollution
    • No introduction of air during filling/emptying
    • No foaming during filling
    • No dehydration of the filled product on the top (skin formation)
  • No cleaning required.
  • UV (light) protection of outer packaging.
  • High insulation properties of the cardboard compared to conventional IBC's.
  • Packaging can easily be collapsed after use. Empty containers take up little space after use.
  • Easy to recycle. The different components (wood, cardboard, and plastic) are easy to seperate.
In comparison with conventional foldable bag in box containers (Combo, Pallecon, etc) this package has some very important advantages.
  • A strong 3x double wall corrugated sleeve
  • No rental, return or pooling obligations of the packaging.
  • It can be delivered for Direct-Use, with the liner already placed in the IBC. With this you can immediately start filling your product.
  • You have no stock of various packaging materials with mostly different SKU's. You order 10 IBC's, you get 10 IBC's either Flat-Packed or as Direct-Use.
Some short features of this IBC in a row:
  • Content 1000L.
  • Side-discharge with several valve outlet options
  • Fix clip for protection and placement of the side-discharge valve
  • Suitable for all types of liquids, except for liquids which require a UN cat. packaging (dangerous goods).
  • Suitable and approved for foods. Food certificates and/or migration reports available on request.
  • Dimensions 114x114x95 cm as Direct-Use (LxWxH excl. pallet).
  • Filling opening is an industrial standard with a '3 inch BSP thread'.
  • Side empty opening is a reclosable valve system.
  • Pallet is a CP9 (114x114cm) pallet and dynamically loadable up to 1,500kg. 
  • Liner (inner bag) made from food grade LDPE 2 x 120 microns.
  • Complete Direct-Use packaging is sealed for use, so that you or your customer are always ensured of a new, unused package.
  • The Direct-Use IBC is attached to the pallet with premium strapping material (composite band) for optimum security.
  • This IBC can be stacked 2 on 1 static, and 1 on 1 dynamic.